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Sasson Moshe Electrical Engineering Ltd.

Consulting, planning and execution
Electrical panels, command and control

No. 1 in Israel for advanced control systems

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תמונה של לוח חשמל עם כבלים שחווטו בלוח

​When command and control electricity meet, the sky is the limit.
SHM Electrical Engineering was established in 1995. Sasson Moshe - CEO and founder of the company, built SHM step by step, with his own hands, under the values of excellence, reliability and safety - values that accompany the company ever since and form the basis for our success in Israel and around the world.

Our company has always been involved in the command and control industry. 
Planning, consulting, execution, programming, integration
We specialize in building advanced control systems for huge plants, production lines and large machinery
The company's business over the years is expressed in the establishment of complex command systems that include the construction of production lines that include mechanical consulting, construction and installation of command and control electrical systems, solutions from professionals in various fields and accompaniment throughout the project.
The company also provides field service and provides solutions to faults in everything related to electricity, command and control.
Over the years, the company has been involved in the import of machinery from abroad to Israel, while fully accompanying and consulting the best electricians and integrators.
The company has extensive ability in the field of electrical control and automation to establish and realize ideas while designing, building, installing and programming the systems.

As part of the company's activities, a number of projects were carried out, including
Establishment of drainage stations for many localities,
Establishment of US food factories,
Establishment of control systems for public transport in Germany,
Sophisticated control systems for water desalination facilities in Israel and abroad.

Sasson Moshe Electrical Engineering works under the authority of the Israeli Standards Institute.
All the projects in the company undergo tests according to the strictest standards in Israel and around the world, and ensure advanced systems of high quality and maximum safety.

You are welcome to browse the projects page on the website and be impressed by our work
You can contact us at any time on the website, by email and by phone :)

We work with the best
brands in the world

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