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רקע של מסף הבית (מפעל)



Tin beans

Import of strip processing machines from tin processing from England to Israel and produces an advanced control system.

  The production line was an old line that required renewal and adjustment to the needs of the plant,  Which include adapting the tools to our advanced control systems - engines were replaced, we built control systems and adapted them to the machine, in addition sensors were installed

Many metrics that allow for high-level control

And all this while maintaining staticity and a final level of finish.

The crank we built for the entire production line is controlled by a single touch screen, which means that in order to control it in practice, only one person is needed.


Matzah HaMita wheat Kiryat Gat

Establishment of a completely new matzah baking production line.  The production line includes a weighing set of the materials required for making the matzah, a rolling set that processes the dough, a baking set and a packing set.

We have built an advanced control system for the production line that includes many different type of injectors, motors for all machines and mixers, controllers that allow full automation while adjusting for complete coordination between systems with an emphasis on full control that requires little manpower.

The work was done in conjunction with rabbis and clergy and was thus adapted to the needs of halakhah in order to create a system that would produce strictly kosher matzah.

A similar system was built by us for several other factories in Israel and around the world, including the Judean Matzah, the Mother of Wheat Jerusalem, the Aviv Matzah, the Carmel Matzah, and the Matzah factories in the United States.


Good Mountain Quarries

An advanced control system for a set of production lines for lost, shredded and sorted materials. The factory had an old and cumbersome system that served the factory for years and would require a lot of manpower. This system has been replaced by the system we built, a modern and advanced control system that allows troubleshooting by various sensors, operation and full control of the entire production system, including a construction waste crushing system, rock crushers,  Sorting of waste and materials by mechanical techniques and indication sensors that allow complete sorting.  

In addition to building control systems for weighing materials, processing them into mixtures for years according to the operator's need and loading them into concrete trucks -  We have manufactured such systems for many of the concrete plants in Israel.


Wheat flour flour station

Flour station If wheat is one of the largest in Israel, our company accompanied the project from the beginning of the construction of the station until its completion

We started with integrative guidance and advice and the import of the machines and huge mechanical equipment from Germany. The flour station is divided into several separate complexes that need to operate together while transporting materials between complexes.

  Following these needs the construction required massive preliminary planning,

  Together with all the professionals involved in the project, Israelis and Germans, we led the planning and establishment of the entire command and control electrical system. Structural control systems, a material transport system between the complexes, an advanced power system, fault monitoring systems, automation systems for the wheat grinding system, a flour loading system for trucks that includes an advanced sampling system were built.

Many inductive sensors, motors and many controllers were installed throughout the project,

All of these systems are controlled from a dedicated control room controlled by only one person. The construction of all the systems was done while maintaining a very high level of sampling and finishing.  This project is unique in Israel and around the world


Mikveh Chesdei Tahara Haifa

Mikveh Chesdei Tahara is one of the most prestigious in the world, at Mikveh we have created a number of systems that include a broad command and control infrastructure. These include water pumping and filtration control systems, water heating systems, structure control system,  An interactive system that includes touch screens that are located in every room in the mikveh and allow service to the mikveh takers, these screens communicate with a large touch screen through which the entire mikveh is controlled including all systems, the systems work by a unique software written by us and adapted to the mikveh's needs. And a variety of functions that enable the day-to-day operation of the mikveh

In addition, an inductive LED system has been installed for each room and room in the mikveh, allowing the system to give a real-time indication of the needs of the customer inside each room.

The assemblage of all these systems allows complete control over  The mikveh using innovative and modern tools with minimal use of manpower.

We have created this system in many mikvahs in Israel and around the world, including the Satmar mikveh, the Dushinsky mikveh, the Beit Tikva mikveh, the Kamarna mikveh, the Zakuta Drama mikveh, the R. Osher mikveh, the Ibn Haezer mikveh, the Pninat Hemed mikveh, the Monsi mikveh and many more.


Scenic station - Kochav Yaakov

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